The Field Reporter (review archive)

field reporter

300: Antoine Beuger & Michael Pisaro – this place / is love

297: Chris Watson – In St Cuthbert’s time

290: Kunsu Shim – LOVE

283: Jason Kahn – inplace: daitoku-ji & shibuya crossing

268: VA AA LR – It just ain’t flapping. Consumer Waste. 

267:  Flourish – Nick Hennies. Consumer Waste.

253: In the field (book review). CRISAP. 

243:  Akio Suzuki & Lawrence English – Boombana Echoes. Winds Measure. 

226: Peter Cusack – Sounds from dangerous places. ReR. 

215: Jeph Jerman – Co-incidents. Self released. 

212: Sebastian Hegarty – Southerlies. Gruenrekorder. 

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