The Origin of Movement – or Why Things Have Movement


I’m happy to say that a wee score of mine, based on ‘passages’, by Ann Quin, will be performed this week in Boston. More information below. 

Ordinary Affects performs Farmer and Farrand

‘The Origin of Movement – or Why Things Have Movement’
Patrick Farmer

‘New Work’
Douglas Farrand

Ordinary Affects:
Morgan Evans-Weiler : Violin
Laura Cetilia : Cello
Luke Martin : Guitar and Electronics
J.P.A. Falzone : Vibraphone, Organ
Doug Farrand : Electronics
Michael Rosenstein : Objects and Electronics

Ordinary Affects is an experimental music ensemble based in Boston. Experimental composers and performers J.P.A. Falzone, Laura Cetilia, Luke Martin, and Morgan Evans-Weiler make-up the ensemble, performing on piano / organ, cello, violin, and no-input mixer / objects (respectively). The ensemble was formed as a group of musicians seeking to workshop, explore, commission, and perform experimental music. While the group often focuses on the performance of written compositions, it also serves as a laboratory for improvisation and the compositions of its members. The collaborative nature of the mission ensures a group that is always in flux; instrumentation is open, always changing, and dependent on the project, concert, and membership. Ordinary Affects has commissioned and premiered pieces by Michael Pisaro, Antoine Beuger, Sarah Hughes, Eva-Maria Houben, and Ryoko Akama, in addition to performing a number of other composers’ works including those by Joseph Kurdika, John Lely, and all members of the ensemble (Cetilia, Martin, Evans-Weiler, and Falzone). Most recently, Ordinary Affects was accepted to the Avaloch Farm Residency, where they worked for a week in summer 2017, rehearsing and recording four new pieces written for the ensemble, by members of the ensemble.

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