Another Timbre’s ‘2005(1)’


Simon Reynell, of Another Timbre, and Manfred Werder have initiated an ongoing series of actualisations of the latters piece, ‘2005(1)’. All the contributions are made freely available online and I am lucky enough to count myself as one of the initial few.

Many thanks as ever to Simon.



(What matters now) What can’t you hear?

ones crackling skin 2

Daniela Cascella & Paolo Inverni have recently published a compendium of texts entitled, (What Matters now) What Can’t you Hear?. They invited me to contribute and contribute  I did. with a piece called, ones crackling skin to the screaming jowl, which was written as I walked parts of the welsh coast last year. There are also texts by, amongst others, Salome Voegelin & David Toop.

NOCH publishing

0 left ear published by Henry Magazine.

henry miller

Lisa Thatcher and Seb Doubinsky have published a short piece of mine, 0 left ear, as part of the first edition of Henry Magazine. More information below.

Henry, named after Henry Miller, is a bilingual magazine, forging a connective relationship between French and English. It is free and as long as we can maintain that, it will remain so. Currently we achieve this by keeping the publication to E copy. Our intention here is to have these great writers be read and it is the driving force behind the magazine. Henry will be brought to publication twice a year.

Henry Magazine

John Cage Centenary Proms, 2012, available to listen at UBUWEB

john cage proms

On August 17th, 2012, I was fortunate enough to take part in the John Cage Centenary Proms at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Proms season. I performed, along with many others, in two pieces, ‘But what about the noise of Crumpling Paper which he used to do in order to paint the series of “Papier roisses” or tearing up paper to make “Papier dechiers?” Arp was stimulated by water (sea, lake, and flowing waters like rivers) forests.’ (1985) and ‘Branches’ (1976). All these pieces are now available on UBUWEB.

Listen Here