Mirages in the Mud-passages from Azimuth-Round window.

round 1


Winds Measure cassette releases on bandcamp


It’s always been awhile. 

Two cassette releases of which I am a small part (one a dirty-double, beautifully letterpressed and presented by Ben Owen): ‘wild horses think of nothing else the sea – tape readings’ (wayward and itinerant readings of a walking walking walking walking walking book I wrote, by Antoine Beuger, Holly Pester, Michael Pisaro, Sally Ann McIntyre, Jeph Jerman, Daniela Cascella, and Bruno Guastalla), & a split release with the inimitable Mark So, are both now available on the Winds Measure Bandcamp page. 

wild horses think of nothing else the sea – tape readings

let’s grasp it, naked as it is