Select Publications / Research

Oscilla. Disonare.
Azimuth, the Ecology of an Ear. SARU.
Close Eclogues on Tiptoe Compost and Height.
Bittern space, a siskin. Edinburgh University Press.
Experimental Music Since 1970, by Jennie Gottschalk. Bloomsbury.
Listening and its not. Compost and Height (Curator/Editor).
To Node and Undulate, Reductive Journal 4. Mumei Publishing.
Then Things, Lydgalleriet exhibition text. Bergen, Norway.
He was Quite Blank. Reductive Journal.
Yew Grotesque. SARU/Compost and Height.
Interpretation. Q02 Winter School.
Wild horses think of nothing else the sea. SARU.
try i bark. Organised Music from Thessaloniki.
Word Events: Notes on Verbal Notation, by James Saunders and John Lely.

Select Exhibitions / Curation

Curator: audiograft festival. Oxford, UK.
Curator: SARU Listening Group. Oxford, UK.
Curator: Sound I’m Particular talk series. Oxford, UK.
Curator: SARU artist-in-residence scheme. Oxford, UK.
Curator: Significant Landscapes Festival. Oxford, UK.
Reductive Journal. Wroclaw, Poland.
We Find the Body Difficult to Speak. Grizedale, UK.
NOWNOW, Non Objective. Sydney, Australia.
New Works, The Old Fire Station. Oxford, UK.
Fantasy is a Place Where it Rains. Oriel Davies Gallery, Wales.
Mr Palomar. Bloc Space. Sheffield, UK.

Select Residencies

Hardwick Gallery. Cheltenham, UK.
OTO Projects. London, UK.
Grizedale Forest. Sound & Music / Forestry Commission England, UK.
Writing as Occupation. O3 Gallery, Oxford.
V22. The Old Biscuit Factory, London, UK.
MOKS. Mooste, Estonia.
QO2. Brussels, Belgium.

Select Performances

Modern Art Oxford. Oxford, UK.
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK.
Serpentine Pavilion. London, UK.
Conservatoire de Caen. Normandy, France.
The Proms. Royal Albert Hall, London.
The Wulf. Los Angeles, USA.
National Gallery. Stockholm, Sweden.
Kettles Yard. Cambridge, UK.
Arnolfini Gallery. Bristol, UK.
Goodbye Blue Monday. New York, USA.

Select Festival Performances

audiograft. Oxford, UK.
Aarhus Art-Writing. Aarhus, Denmark.
Ftarri. Tokyo, Japan.
Tuned City. Brussels, Belgium.
NOWNOW. Sydney, Australia.
I&E. Dublin, Ireland.
Blurred Edges. Hamburg, Germany.
Geiger. Gothenburg, Sweden.
Dying Artist. ICA, London, UK.


Co-founder of curatorial platform Compost and Height.
Editor of new music journal Wolf Notes.

Select Compositions

The origin of movement, or why things have movement. Based on ‘passages’ by Ann Quin. First performed by Ordinary Affects, Boston.
Border. First performed by Rhodri Davies, Seiji Murayama, Tanaka Yoshiko, Ko Ishikawa. Tokyo.
We Find the Body Difficult to Speak (co-written with Sarah Hughes). Published by Experimental Music Yearbook. First performed by Patrick Farmer and Sarah Hughes. Lake District.
Camera Silenta, Two eggs in a cup to stand in for reality. Published by BORE. First performed at Portland Extradition Series, USA.
This has already had a history (0). Based on ‘The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas’, by Gertrude Stein. First performed by Rhodri Davies and Tim Parkinson. Oxford.
This has already had a history (3). Based on various texts by Kenneth Patchen. First performed by Stefan Thut. Switzerland.
This has already had a history (4). First performed by Michael Pisaro, David Stent, and Sarah Hughes. Los Angeles.

Select Discography

Pell-Mell the Prolix, with David Lacey. Caduc.
Performance, with Dominic Lash, Rhizome.
Continuum Unbound (3CD boxset), with Michael Pisaro, Greg Stuart, Joe Panzner, and Toshiya Tsunoda. Gravity Wave.
Measure of Ground, with Stephen Cornford. Consumer Waste.
Pictures of Men, with David Lacey. Copy for Your Records. 2013 Cartridge Music (John Cage). Another Timbre.
Wandelweiser und so weiter (6CD boxset). Another Timbre.
Green Rings Around the Eyes. Nadukenumono.


PhD. Composition and Poetics, Oxford Brookes University.
MA (Distinction). Sound Design, Oxford Brookes University.
BA (First Class Honours). Sound Art, Middlesex University.

Recent Awards

Chase funding, auditory knowledge talks, with Helen Frosi and John Drever

AHRC Funding, Tinnitus, Auditory Knowledge and the Arts, with Dr. Marie Thompson


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