Correspondence, with Sarah Hughes (also featuring Fraufraulein, Joseph Clayton Mills, and Morgan Evans-Weiler)

Editions Verde

Metre. A realisation of a score by Thomas Martin Nutt, with the ever joyous David Lacey.


about. A realisation of Stefan Thut’s ‘about’, with Ryoko Akama, Stephen Chase, Eleanor Cully, Stefan Thut, and Lo Wie.


Dark Heart. Performance with Ryoko Akama, Isaiah Ceccarelli, and Katelyn Clark, realising Lance Austin Olsen’s ‘Theseus’s Breath’. There are also realisations of Lance’s work by Apartment House, Gil Sanson, and Lance himself.

Another Timbre

Pell-Mell the Prolix. Release with David Lacey. An arrangement of percussive materials recorded during a residency at SARU in Oxford Brookes.


Wild Horses Think of Nothing Else the Sea, tape readings. 

Holly Pester, Sally Ann McIntyre, Bruno Guastalla, Antoine Beuger, Michael Pisaro, and Daniela Cascella, reading from one of my publications. 

Winds Measure


Performances of Manfred Werder’s 2 ausführende seiten 419-424, and Overlay (1) / Overlay (2), by James Saunders. With Dominic Lash and Tim Feeney. 


Untitled (for four)

Jason Kahn, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes, Dominic Lash

double CDr 

Cathnor Recordings


Anders Dahl, Patrick Farmer, Christian Munthe

Bombax Bombax

Continuum Unbound

3 compositions by Michael Pisaro, realised by Pisaro, Greg Stuart, Joe Panzner, Toshiya Tsunoda, and myself.

3cd boxset

Gravity Wave

How I keep falling into rivers.

A short c20 tape of improvisations on the motors of a reel to reel player.



a measure of ground.

A collection of brutalist field recordings made with Stephen Cornford at the IN/from the out symposium in Manchester last year. Using a single piezo contact microphone and cassette dictaphone.

Consumer Waste


Pictures of men

A densely structured menage of material posted back and forth and assembled over the last few years with David Lacey.

Copy for your Records

Cartridge Music

A live performance of John Cage’s Cartridge Music, recorded at the Audiograft Festival in Oxford and performed by Stephen Cornford, Robert Curgenven, Ferran Fages, Patrick Farmer, Daniel Jones, Alfredo Costa Monteiro & Lee Patterson.

Another Timbre

Accidents of matter or of space

Three realisations of can never exceed unity by Sarah Hughes, performed by Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, Neil Davidson, Rhodri Davies, Jane Dickson and Patrick Farmer. Plus an improvisation by Sarah Hughes.


Wandelweiser Und So Weiter

6 CD boxset including Compositions by Antoine Beuger, Michael Pisaro, John Cage, Dominic Lash, Sam Sfirri.

Another Timbre

v -p -v-f is v-n double [field] compilation series

Featuring recordings by Eric La Casa, Ben Owen, Jason Kahn, Sally Ann McIntyre.

Double CDr edition.

Winds Measure

let’s grasp it naked as it is… | sitting and listening

A mixture of Ambient and underwater field recordings on Cassette.

Winds Measure


A live recording of various electronics, upturned turntable and analog synth.With Jason Kahn and Stephen Cornford. 

Pilgrim Talk


Like falling out of trees into collector’s albums 

A collection of minimally edited field recordings taken from my archive.

Consumer Waste


Green rings around the eyes, this grass in vibrant motion

Solo improvisation for wire brush, contact mic and turntable.


No Islands

Two improvisations for various electronics and chorded zither plus a realisation of John Cage’s four6. With Sarah Hughes, Stephen Cornford, and Kostis Kilymis. 

Another Timbre


Containing an improvisation for Double Bass, Percussion and Chorded Zither, two realisations of Taylan Susam’s for maaike schoorel, and an outdoor realisation of Eva Maria Houben’s Nachstück. With Sarah Hughes and Dominic lash. 

Another Timbre

Fields Have Ears

Realisations of Fade and Fields have Ears 1 by Phillip Thomas, and a realisation of Fields have Ears 4 by Phillip Thomas, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes, Dominic Lash and the Edges Ensemble.

Another Timbre

The Cat from Cat Hill

Improvisations for Chord Zither, Electronics and Piano. With Sarah Hughes and Daniel Jones. 

Another Timbre


Improvisations for percussion and double bass. With Dominic Lash. 


Bear Ground

Improvisations for snare drums, violin and viola. With Matt Milton, Ryan Jewell, and David Thomas. 

Creative Sources

Apis Mellifera – moved to and fro 

Three recordings of HoneyBees made with various microphones, a few of which are filtered repeatedly through a series of solid objects such as bins, cymbals and rocks.

Organised Music from Thessaloniki



Field recordings of the surface tension of a frozen pond

Compost and Height


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