Stephen Cornford & Patrick Farmer – a measure of ground


I’m very happy to say that, after a wonderful tour with Stephen Cornford, our new release is available from his Consumer Waste imprint.

This release consists of two cassette tapes full of unstable encounters between the two of us and objects we found during a residency at a brownfield site in Manchester. Stephen is a wonderful person to work with, and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the future.

From the Consumer Waste website: 

Although they have worked together for almost four years Stephen Cornford and Patrick Farmer had never worked as a duo until recording this collection of brutalist field recordings at the IN/from the out symposium in Manchester last year. Using a single piezo contact microphone and cassette dictaphone, they scoured the site for materials to produce these recordings in a two day period. The necessary translation of these recordings from cassette to computer and back to cassette has endeavoured to retain the quality of the original recordings, reflecting their interest in the abstraction of source materials through the recording process.

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pictures of men release concert at BlocProjects.

pictures of men concert

To mark the release of pictures of men, the new album by myself and David Lacey, released by Copy For Your Records, there will be a concert at Bloc Projects in Sheffield, featuring members of the Set Ensemble, based all over the place, and the Edges Ensemble, based primarily in Huddersfield. And we’re lucky enough to perform in various groupings with the wonderful artists, Greg Stuart, David Lacey (of course) and Samuel Rodgers.

The programme is as follows (though it could change, and please treat all times as approximate)

8pm – 8:30pm: Edges Ensemble performing (to be decided)

8:40pm – 9:00pm: Set Ensemble with D.L S.R. G.S. performing Patrick Farmer’s pictures of men.

9:10pm – 9:40pm: Set & Edges Ensemble with D.L. S.R. G.S. performing Dominic Lash’s For two or more with percussion.

10:00pm – 10:25pm: Set & Edges Ensemble with D.L. S.R. G.S. performing Christian Wolff’s Play.

Bloc Projects is located at 71 Eyre Lane, Sheffield, S1 4RB.

The Field Reporter (review archive)

field reporter

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Like falling out of trees into collector’s albums

falling out of trees

When my Consumer Waste release, and my only field recording album, of the kind’ve field recordings that most people think of when you say field recordings that is, sold out, the label republished the release as a digital download with a new recording, of frogs and woodpeckers in Gregynog, along with a new text of mine relating to the release. You can find the text on the Consumer Waste website, or download it here: like falling out of trees into collector’s albums