Field Recording Discotheque

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Matt Davis has very kindly included some of my field recordings, honeybees and pondweed as far as I’m aware, for this intriguing event in Bristol.

What is a sound

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A new text score for Áine O’Dwyer, originally written for a launch event for ‘Writing the Field Recording’.

Lance Austin Olsen ‘Theseus’s Breath’

theseus' breath

‘Dark Heart’, a CD of ‘Sonic collaborations using graphic scores, instruments, field recordings and found audio, is now out on Another Timbre. I was lucky enough to be part of a realisation of ‘Theseus’s Breath’, along with Ryoko Akama, Isaiah Ceccarelli and Katelyn Clark.

There’s a wonderful extract of Lance’s own realisation, with Gil Sanson, of ‘A Meditation on the History of Painting’, HERE

Dark Heart

Eclogues #2

Eclogues consists of 15 straws I once met, no… twice met. I can hardly say that I know them, and it would be insincere, I suppose, to subvert this comment by saying that the chracters of the book came to know them through each other and through themselves. The straws and characters are one and the same, a dancing balloon that flits like light sinking in water that is rising.  If we had listened, and laid our ear close to ourself, we would have heard some jarring sound of human mixture, faint and remote, only to be perceived by ourself.

These Eclogues do not, can not, leave the ground, the ground herebeing myth, dry soil that reveals a quinquncial festoon of patterns, golden averages and feints. Friendship is wing, according to Lao Tzu, the characters have no wings thus they cannot leave the ground. The memory of their friendship weighs them down and they remain outside of its invention. These Eclogues are pinioned by difference, welting under the weight of, as Emerson says, facts and surfaces, cities and persons.

Camille Bombois 2

Camille Bombois

Eclogues #1

I remember sitting in a café some years ago and a friend telling me that in Virgil’s ‘Eclogues’, the sound of flowing water is often considered a nuisance. A new book of mine will soon be published by Compost and Height. As much of a nuisance as a bucolic memory that stifles. Walking down a country road with a dog on the one side and a cat on the other, all environment is thus eradicated. A pest.

Camille Bombois 14

Camille Bombois