A short run publication of one On Vibration lecture, titled Appelations, along with versions of A Tinnital Imagination and Soft Doors.

The texts below are all part of the On Vibration lecture series

No Vibration Without Electricity

Thank you for the Augury

The Long Lasting Intimacy of Stengers

Poetic Physiology pt.1

Hermetic Resonance

Hermetic Reasonance

Passing Through

Poetic Physiology pt.2

The texts below are all part of the Notes on the Ear series

Throwing Stones at Nothing

A chapter in a Routledge book of essays on Soundwalking, edited by Jacek Smolicki

The Mention of Flies

An essay in a special edition of the journal, Senses and Society, edited by Marie Thompson and myself, focussed on the Aesthetics of Tinnitus

A chapter in a Routledge book of essays on Aural Diversity, edited by Andrew Hugill and John Drever

A Tinnital Imagination

The second in a series of essays about tinnitus and balance. Published online as part of Issue 2 of the Socrates on the Beach Journal

A Tinnital Imagination

A Swedish translation of the abovementioned essay, published in Nutida Magazine

Soft Doors

An online essay (ostensibly the start of a series of essays about tinnitus and hearing), that is by extension concerned with the evolution of the jaw, the accidental discovery on the ossicles in 16th century Italy, speculative listening, etc. Originally published by Zeno Press

The Planets are an Orchard of Pomegranates

An ekphrastic reading of Leonora Carrington’s Forbidden Fruit published by Futch Press

On Obscure Motion

An oneric account of Galen’s lost book on the ossicles of the middle ear, published in RIFFS Journal


A text commissioned by Daniela Cascella for MAP Magazine. Part of Cascella’s series, A Year of Carte Blanche and Other Chimeras.


A series of poems about the votive etymology of oscillation, published in Disonare magazine.


Trevor Simmons and I continue our bestial saga with three frottaging badgers, published by Erotoplasty.

Azimuth, the Ecology of an Ear  SOLD OUT

A sister to Listening and its not, Azimuth is an attempt to communicate with others by dismantling the appendage on which I most rely to communicate. A collaborative publication that rends the ear into 15 holes in order to make of them something new.

Close Eclogues on Tiptoe, vol 1.

A new book about friendship and memory that is also a response to ‘Mass’, an exhibition by Lotti V Closs. Published by Compost and Height

Bittern Space, a Siskin.

A commentary on some of my work, part of ‘Writing the Field’, published by Edinburgh University Press, curated by Will Montgomery and Stephen Benson.

Beyond Silence (a bell rings in an empty sky)

A gallery catalogue from a show by Danny McCarthy, to which Helen Frosi and I contributed a text titled, ‘Nine Skies’. 

Listening and its not

A series of realisations, published by SARU and Compost and Height, by Jeph Jerman, Amelia Ishmael, David Stent, Daniela Cascella, and others, responding to a text score.

Yew Grotesque

Written as part of a project with Forestry Commission England and Sound and Music

Published by SARU and Compost and Height

To find out more about this book, please see a recently published discussion, Brief Interludes into Tendency, with Mark Peter Wright, which also concerns his publication – Tasked To Hear, and Joseph Clayton Mill’s cogent response.

Brief Interludes

Joseph Clayton Mills

To Node and Undulate

A response to Daniela Cascella’s F.M.R.L. with Trevor Simmons 


This Has Already Had A History

Part of a series of texts, curated by Compost and Height, of composers writing about their works. 

He was quite blank / He assured me 

Re-application of a talk I gave at a SARU symposium in Oxford, He was quite blank is a rumination on sleep in childhood, and is part of the second edition of the wonderful Reductive Journal, also featuring pieces by Jo Mills, Manfred Werder, etc.

The PDF also features a reading of this work.

Reductive Journal Two

Wild horses think of nothing else the sea .

Written during a 6 week walk of the Welsh Coast.

Published by SARU and Compost and Height


O left ear.

A series of typewritten observations & drafts written in the alkaline marshland of the Fens.

Published by Henry Magazine.

Ones Crackling Skin to the Screaming Jowl.

Stemming from a walk of the welsh coast and interpretations of St Jerome reading in the landscape, a prolonged attempt at charming the amorous ear.

Published by Noch.

The observation of a star of a specific constellation. 

The first in a series of chance interpretations of objects and their geographies.

Published by Compost and Height.

Liner notes for Stefan Thut’s two strings and boxes

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Stefan at the Significant Landscapes festival in Oxford last November. I took part in a realisation of his score, seven and three boxes. The writing that accompanies this release was largely informed by this experience.

Published by Flexion Records.

try i    bark limited edition prints 

To coincide with the publication of my first book by Compost and Height and Organised Music from Thessaloniki I have designed 22 limited edition prints of pinhole photography and hand typed composites.


try i    bark

Limited to an edition of 120, try i    bark is the result of Farmer’s stay in the Estonian parish of Mooste, where he was the MOKS artist in residence during summer 2011.


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