Patrick Farmer




Close Eclogues on Tiptoe. A new book that is an attempt at responding to ‘Mass’, an exhibition by Lotti V Closs. 

Bitten Space, a Siskin. An essay as part of Writing the Field, published by Edinburgh University Press, curated by Will Montgomery. 


Beyond Silence (a bell rings in an empty sky)

A gallery catalogue from a show by Danny McCarthy, to which Helen Frosi and I contributed a text titled, ‘Nine Skies’. 

Listening and its not

A series of realisations, published by SARU and Compost and Height, by Jeph Jerman, Amelia Ishmael, David Stent, Daniela Cascella, and others, responding to a text score.

Yew Grotesque

Written as part of a project with Forestry Commission England and Sound and Music

Published by SARU and Compost and Height

To find out more about this book, please see a recently published discussion, Brief Interludes into Tendency, with Mark Peter Wright, which also concerns his publication – Tasked To Hear, and Joseph Clayton Mill’s cogent response.

Brief Interludes

Joseph Clayton Mills

To Node and Undulate

A response to Daniela Cascella’s F.M.R.L. with Trevor Simmons 


This Has Already Had A History

Part of a series of texts, curated by Compost and Height, of composers writing about their works. 

He was quite blank / He assured me 

Re-application of a talk I gave at a SARU symposium in Oxford, He was quite blank is a rumination on sleep in childhood, and is part of the second edition of the wonderful Reductive Journal, also featuring pieces by Jo Mills, Manfred Werder, etc.

The PDF also features a reading of this work.

Reductive Journal Two

Wild horses think of nothing else the sea .

Written during a 6 week walk of the Welsh Coast.

Published by SARU and Compost and Height


O left ear.

A series of typewritten observations & drafts written in the alkaline marshland of the Fens.

Published by Henry Magazine.

Ones Crackling Skin to the Screaming Jowl.

Stemming from a walk of the welsh coast and interpretations of St Jerome reading in the landscape, a prolonged attempt at charming the amorous ear.

Published by Noch.

The observation of a star of a specific constellation. 

The first in a series of chance interpretations of objects and their geographies.

Published by Compost and Height.

Liner notes for Stefan Thut’s two strings and boxes

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Stefan at the Significant Landscapes festival in Oxford last November. I took part in a realisation of his score, seven and three boxes. The writing that accompanies this release was largely informed by this experience.

Published by Flexion Records.

try i    bark limited edition prints 

To coincide with the publication of my first book by Compost and Height and Organised Music from Thessaloniki I have designed 22 limited edition prints of pinhole photography and hand typed composites.


try i    bark

Limited to an edition of 120, try i    bark is the result of Farmer’s stay in the Estonian parish of Mooste, where he was the MOKS artist in residence during summer 2011.



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