Many of these scores can be found for free at The British Music Collection.

What is a sound, after Gertrude Stein

Written for Áine O’Dwyer

The Origin of Movement – or why Things have Movement, based on passages, by Ann Quin

Performed by Ordinary Affects. Boston.

Listening and its not

Published by SARU and Compost and Height

In the Inn District it is Still Dim, based on the Lime Works, by Thomas Bernhard

Performed by Patrick Farmer. Barrow In Furness 

Border, 1st arrangement

Performed by Patrick Farmer. Aarhus


Performed by Rhodri Davies, Seiji Murayama, Tanaka YuYoshiko, Ko Ishikawa. Tokyo

We Find the Body Difficult to Speak (co-written with Sarah Hughes)

Performed by Patrick Farmer and Sarah Hughes. Grizedale

Published by Experimental Music Yearbook


Published by Suppedaneum as part of its SIFR release

Fold Pocket, Joint Standing

Performed by Bruno Guastalla. Oxford

Camera Silenta, Two eggs in a cup to stand in for reality

Published by BORE

Pictures of Men

Performed by Patrick Farmer, Greg Stuart, David Lacey, Samuel Rodgers, Sarah Hughes, David Stent, Dominic Lash, Paul Whitty. Sheffield 

pleats (1)

pleats (2)

a tree is as complicated as is a word

Performed by Angharad Davies, Kostis Kilymis, Sarah Hughes, Patrick Farmer, Daniel Jones. Brighton


This has already had a history (0), based on The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, by Gertrude Stein

Performed by Rhodri Davies and Tim Parkinson. Oxford

This has already had a history (1), based on An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris, by Georges Perec

This has already had a history (2a/b), based on the Sixth Sense, by Konrad Bayer

Performed by Dominic Lash, Michael Pisaro, Stefan Thut, Bruno Guastalla, Paul Whitty and Tim Parkinson. Oxford 

This has already had a history (3), based on various texts by Kenneth Patchen

Performed by Stefan Thut. Switzerland

This has already had a history (4)

Performed by Michael Pisaro, David Stent, and Sarah Hughes. Los Angeles 

Published by BORE

The Thickness of Things (2)

Performed by Sarah Hughes, Bruno Guastalla, David Stent, Dominic Lash. Oxford


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